Some words about us

In independent Kazakhstan one of the first in 1991 was formed Kainar University, as a diversified higher education socio-humanitarian orientation of a new type.

The state license No. 0000001 without restriction of validity period.

Study is conducted on the basis of the state general education standards on 16 specialties, and also in a magistracy of a scientific and pedagogical profile on 6 specialties. At university much attention is paid to use in educational process of modern pedagogical technologies and training methods.It is connected with that one of ways of improvement of quality of training and training of future experts are innovative technologies.In educational process of university techniques with application of computer technologies, the electronic textbooks, training programs, multimedia, audio-video of equipment, the language equipment and the Internet are introduced.

  • The state license No. 0000001 without restriction of validity period.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in March, 2013.
  • Accredited.
  • Member of charter of the Bologna convention
  • Member of association of universities of UNESCO
  • Collective member of the Russian Academy of Natural sciences
  • Collective member of Lisbon Geographical society (Portugal)
  • Member of association of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Member of 12 various associations

We offer you

Your teachers – highly qualified specialists!

 At our university work more than 30 doctors of science and 70 candidates of science, 10 academicians of the Kazakhstan National academy of natural sciences, 2 academicians of National academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also academicians of Academy of humanitarian and social sciences.

Rich card file of library of university

 The library of university cooperates with republican and foreign libraries,including has access to electronic base of world digital library of the Congress of the USA, which can be used by students of other higher education institutions. The university systematically carries out modernization of techniques of teaching and actively online education systems develop.

Active student social life!

Work for you:

– Committee on youth affairs
– Debate Club