On March 29, 2017 at the Kainar Academy was celebrated the Nauryz – a holiday which marks the beginning of a new year.

Teachers and students of the Department of Language and Journalism of the Kainar Academy were the organizers of the Nauryz-celebration. Special focus was made on Kydyr Ata, who has blessed all guests, and the Lady Nauryz who offered all guests Nauryz-kozhe and various sweets.

Guests were agreeably surprised by the talent of students of the Department of Languages and Journalism, where presenting scene performances, songs, dances and best jokes of the club “Zhaidarman”.

Teachers and students organized a presentation of beautiful national clothes; the traditional national games are played: assyk atu, arkan tartu, arm wrestling, and our guests have seen at the first hand the national games.

The creativity of the students of the Department – Yerkezhan, Makpal, Zhazira, Nazym, Symbat, Didar, Dinara, Kymbat , Yersain, Al-Farabi, Yerbolat, Akzhol, Darkhan, Aidos, Kuandyk, Tabigat, Olzhas – helped to make wonderful the Nauryz holiday.

The event ended with the national dance “Kara zhorga”.