Teachers’ day

Dear our favourite teachers! We would like to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts with this wonderful professional holiday “Teachers’ day,” We wish you all the bright and good in this world as well as the health, love and creative success in your life.
We express you the proskynesis for your patience and knowledge.
Let our best university – the Academy “Kaynar” – become a common home for us.
Dear teachers!
In this holiday – Teachers’ Day –
Forget all your worries
And look at the world cheerfully.
For your sincere smile
Students and every alumnus
Instantly will correct all his mistakes,
And in the future will not repeat them.
For all of us you are carrying the torch of knowledge,
That will never goes out.
Let your desires come true,
And grief will never come to your home!
We express you the proskynesis for your labour and patience,
For the warm of your light heart!
We wish the joy, happiness, kindness and inspiration!
And in your work great success!
Law students 2 CO
3 C/O
Faculty of History of Kazakhstan and Law