Mission of Kainar Academy:  Qualitative education today, thesecured future tomorrow!

Vision: Kainar Academy positions itself as one of the competitive institutions of the social and humanitarian field, in particular, on the qualitative and  professional training of future specialists in psychology mastering the advanced psychological knowledge and practices; teachers of the Kazakh Language and Literature, Foreign Languages who are able to work under the programs of the updated content of education; lawyers who are able to deal with a complex legislative process, as well as those who have a technique for the peaceful settlement of disputes; in-demand specialists in finance, accounting and audit, management, transportation and information systems.

The key vectors of the strategy of Kainar Academy are:
– improvement of the Academy management system;
– development of human resources and professional development system of the Academy staff;
– systemic improvement of training specialists taking into account integration into theinternational educational area;
– improvement of the quality and effectiveness of research and innovations;
– development and implementation of information and communication technologies;
– modernization and systemic improvement of educational activities in the Academy;
– development of material and technical base.