Tuition by correspondence is a type of training, which is equal education with a day look training and it is equal with an independent look training. Tuition by correspondence is performance a task and execution control a task, studying of theoretical blocks and digestion of materials independently. Presence of students during session are obligatory.
Correspondence form of education is intended only for graduators  of college and higher educational institution.
Specialties of Turan university for bachelors degree of tuition by correspondence.

  • 5B030100 –Law
  • 5B050300 – Psychology
  • 5B050400 – Journalism
  • 5B050600 – Economy
  • 5B050900 – Finance
  • 5B050800 –  Account and audit
  • 5B020700 – Translation business

Training term:
On the basis of higher educational institution – 2 years
On the basis of average specialty – 3 years