The magistracy is the professional training program of postgraduate education directed on preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff with award to the academic degree “Master” on the corresponding specialty with the standard term of training of 1-2 years.

The magistracy represents the second level of training of specialists according to the 4 + 2 program (the Bachelor degree + the Magistracy). The two-level system of the higher education is entered in Kazakhstan within accession of our country to the Bologna Process meaning rapprochement of systems of the higher education of the different countries for the purpose of creation of uniform European space of the higher education.For this reason the diploma of the master is clear around the world.

The magistracy allows: 

1 . To continue training and to deepen specialization in the Magistracy on already chosen on the Bachelor degree professional directions/specialties.

2 . Cardinally to replace the training direction. In other words, arriving in a magistracy, the student can choose any direction of preparation irrespective of the first specialty. For example: Bachelor degree – technical, and the Magistracy – economic.