Research activity

Research work

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science” the State Program for the development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan which provides for a close relationship between teaching and research at all levels of the educational process, Kainar Academy ensures the integration of science with the educational process by modernizing the content of the education. According to Article 23 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science”, the Educational Institution Kainar Academy is accredited as a subject of the scientific and scientific-technical activity. There is a certificate of accreditation Series MC № 004659 dated November 26, 2015.

The priorities of Kainar Academy in the field of research work are reflected in the mission of the university: “Qualitative education today, the secure future tomorrow” and are to provide educational services in the field of economy, business, education, culture and actively promote the innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific researches are formed with accounting the scientific competence, experience of scientific research and material – technical base of the academy departments. The subjects of the research cover both international and republican issues in the field of ecology, energy and social- human sciences, etc. The teaching staff of the Academy, employees, students, undergraduates is informed about the policy of the university in the field of research work.

The scientific activity of the academic teaching staff and students is a part of the Academy strategy and is implemented in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Academy which fully corresponds to the mission of the Academy.

The following is indicated as the objectives in the scientific sphere:

– provision of the Academy with personnel appropriate to the objectives of industrial and innovative development of the country;

– development of the fundamental and applied scientific research;

– formation of the scientific schools in the priority areas of the science;

– integration of the academic values ​​and entrepreneurial culture, integration of education, science and production in the university activities;

– active interaction with the leading scientific, educational and industrial centers of the various regions of Kazakhstan and creation of conditions for the commercialization of scientific developments.