Rules of admission

Regulations of Document Acceptance
Documents are accepted from  June 20 to August 25.
School-leavers of the current year who passed UNT, and participants of complex testing (KTA) who gained not less than 50 points in the subjects below are enrolled in training:
State or Russian language (language of training)
History of Kazakhstan
a subject of a choice,
Those who gained not less than 7 points in a profile subject, and in other subjects –   not less than 4 points – are also enrolled.

Documents Required for Admission:
Document on secondary or higher education with the appendix (the original + a copy).
Certificate according to the results of UNT / KTA passing.
Copy of the identity card.
Medical certificate (form 086-у) + fluorography picture.
6 photos 3х4.
Applications for participation in competition for the state educational grant award are accepted from July 23 to July 31.
Creative examinations
Admission into creative specialties “Journalism”, is carried out according to applications in accordance with the points of UNT or complex testing. For persons who are applying for creative specialties the following is considered:
– State or Russian language (not less than 4 points in UNT/KT);
– History of Kazakhstan (not less than 4 points in UNT/KT);
– two creative examinations (not less than 10 points for each)
The maximum number of points for each creative examination – 25.
The threshold rate for enrolment – 50 points.
Applications for creative specialties are  accepted from June 20 to July 1.
Creative examinations are carried out from July 2 to July 7.
Complex testing
Applications for participation in complex testing for college graduates and school-leavers of the  last years are accepted by admission offices of higher educational institutions from June 20 to July 9.
Complex testing is held from July 17 to July 23.