The chair “History of Kazakhstan and Law” is one of the core and professionally-oriented research and teaching structural subdivisions of Kainar Academy, which implements educational programs of higher professional, postgraduate education and focused on  training of highly qualified specialists in the following areas:

  • Bachelor’s degree program 5В030100 Jurisprudence
  • Master’s degree program 6М030100 Jurisprudence

The main objectives of the educational program in the specialty “Jurisprudence” are to provide conditions for:
– receiving the complete and high quality of education, professional competence in the field of jurisprudence.
– mastering the high legal culture, ethical and legal standards, regulating the relationship of a man to a man, the society, the environment as well as thinking culture and skills to organize the labor on a scientific basis, to acquire new knowledge.

The chair has the Academy laboratory – criminology centre, which is equipped with the necessary equipment for educational research and information on a variety of the subjects taught.
The chair consists of the highly qualified teaching staff, including: Doctor of Law, the honored lawyer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the World War II veteran, Professor Ashitov Z.O., Candidate of Juridical Sciences Sakiyeva R.S., Nurmashev U.U., Bapanov T.A., Kopbayev D.Z. and other teachers. The head of the chair is Candidate of Law, Associate professor, the licensed attorney Apakhayev N.Zh.
The work of the chair is organized at the current level of educational process aimed at the training of specialists for the representative bodies and executive authorities, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, courts, public prosecution offices, the Bar of the Republic of Kazakhstan.