Chair of “Economics and Business”

The chair of “Economics and Business” was created according to the license MES RK No. 0000001 without restriction of validity in 1991. The chair conducts teaching and graduation on the basis of the national educational standards with a degree in 4 specialties of Bachelor’s degree program and 3 specialties of Master’s degree program:

  • 5B050600-Economics,
  • 5B05050700 – Management,
  • 5B050800- Accounting and Auditing,
  • 5B050900 – Finance:

on the basis of secondary education (full time course) – 4 years,

on the basis of secondary – professional education (full time and correspondence course) – 3 years,

on the basis of higher education (correspondence course) – 2 years.


Master’s degree program of the educational research direction (2 years) and field specific education (1 year) in 3 specialties:

  • 6M050600 – Economics,
  • 6M0505700 – Management,
  • 6M05050900 – Finance

The academic teaching staff of the chair “Economics and Business” consists of 14 members, including: 2 Doctors of Science, Professors; 9 Candidates of Science, Associate professors; 3 senior teachers. The faculty chair with degree makes 78, 5%. Ten teachers conduct classes in the state language (71, 4%), among them 7 teachers have the academic degree.

The academic teaching staff of the chair constantly improves their professional skills. It is confirmed by the fact that for the last 3 years 48 members of the chair got their certificates.

Members of the chair annually take part at the republican and international scientific and practical conferences held by the higher educational institutions of RK, CIS and foreign states. They make reports and publish articles in the collections of scientific and practical conferences, including the journals with the impact-factor.

Such teachers of the chair as Professor Saparbayev A.D., Associate professors Abdibekov S.U., Syzdykova K.Sh. are members of the Board of EMA of REMB of  higher and postgraduate education of MES of RK in groups of the specialties “Social Sciences, Economics and Business” of JSC “New Economic University” named after T. Ryskulov.

The members of the chair signed the contracts for taking practical training, educational, professional and research practice of students and postgraduates with the following bases: JSC “Kazkommertsbank”, JSC ”HALYK BANK”, JSC “Credit Center Bank”, the tourist agency  “PREMIER”, JSC “Kaztransgaz-Almaty”, etc.

The academic teaching staff of the chair and students takes an active part both in the social and cultural events of the Academy Kainar as well as in the city events.

A large work on publishing educational and methodical complexes, manuals, monographs on economic disciplines in the Russian and state languages, including the electronic media is conducted at the chair.

The research work of the chair “Economics and Business” is carried out in the following spheres:

  1. Grant of the British Council. The international research project of the program of the British Council together with the center of Euro-Asian studies at Reading University (Great Britain) on the subject “Kazakhstan Content and its Influence on the Environment and Climate Change” 2010-2016.
  2. Grant of JSC NSTC “Parasat”. The research project “Development of Pure Power Sources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2017 within the framework of EXPO- 2017”.
  3. The research projects registered in JSC “NCSTI”:

– subject “Business Management in Kazakhstan: formation and development”

– subject “Macroeconomic Planning as the Instrument of State Regulation of Economy”

– subject “Interrelation of Controlling and Finance in the Management System of the Enterprises in RK”

The students’ scientific circle “Economics and management of the national economy” works at the chair. Since 2014 the students of economic specialties actively participate in the educational auctions “Exchange stimulator” in LLP of “Information Agency of Financial Markets “IRBIS” ( they have certificates, diplomas)

Head of the chair, Cand.Econ.Sci.,  Associate professor                                                                Syzdykova K.Sh.