Department of pedagogy, psychology and social disciplines of the Kainar University has a large and distinguished history. The Department was established in the year of Foundation of the University in 1991. For over 20 years, the Department trains specialists in two directions: 5В050300 – Psychology and 5B010300 – Pedagogy and psychology. Furthermore the Kainar University trains masters on the specialty 6M050300 – Psychology.

At the Department conduct classes in many disciplines 31 teacher, 9 of which are professors. Classes conducted by the faculty are characterized by the variety of used methods: discussions, public lectures, visiting laboratories, anatomic Museum, zoo, master classes, etc. The Department has at its disposal a rich electronic library.

The Department elaborates theoretical and practical problems of development of pedagogics, psychology and social disciplines and the functioning of the individual. In the basis of scientific research and educational programs of the Department is the integrated approach to individuality. Department of pedagogy, psychology and social disciplines is the base for training of future specialists and provides all the features for a deep and comprehensive study of the complex science of psychology. The unifying research direction of the Department is the study of the formation and realization of personality in the work.
All teachers attend the annual refresher courses.

The Department regularly hosts meetings with prominent figures of psychological and pedagogical science and practice of Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

In conjunction with the National Association of Psychologists of Kazakhstan conducted by the Department practical summer and winter intensives, practice-oriented courses and workshops. The program includes modern and classical forms of psychological work. This is NLP, transactional analysis, gestalt psychology, cognitive psychology, art therapy, etc. The education received by students at the Department, meets all modern requirements imposed on professionals of the XXI century.